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Whether it's switching your classic to a fuel-injected unit, upgrading your modern muscle car for the track, or making your old daily driver more reliable, Mad Power Motorsports is your source for quality engine swaps. We're committed to building the highest-quality engine swaps for our customers and want you to feel the fun of your car with a new heart without the worry that comes with lesser custom work.

We’re your destination near Gilbert, AZ, for making more power. So contact us today with your ideas, and we'll craft a comprehensive action plan to make them a reality.

What Determines the Engine Swap Cost?

Engine swaps are custom jobs that can vary depending on the work involved, and the price of swapping in a new engine will depend on what's needed. Contact our high-performance automotive shop in Chandler, AZ, with your plans to get an estimate.

First, consider the engine itself. Is it a fully-built crate engine or a stock motor? Also, consider the components that work with the engine. The engine computer, gauge cluster, fuel system, pedals, wiring harness, transmission, driveshaft, differentials, and more must be a correct fit. If your current components aren't right for the new engine, we'll need to swap them, too.

So what do you drive, and what do you want it to be powered by? Contact our performance shop in Chandler, AZ, with your plans to get an estimate.

Get a Game Plan From an Engine Swap Specialist

Our engine swap experts have tackled projects of all kinds, and we can build engine swap adapters and custom components in-house to make it work. Our capabilities go deep, and our specialists will work with you to make your engine-swap plans fit your budget. But part of that revolves around the engine swap compatibility.

For example, swapping a Chevy LS7 into a base-trim C6 Corvette is relatively easy. Why? Because the C6 is a platform designed to work with several LS engines. Proper engine bay fitment and drivetrain pairing here would be relatively straightforward with LS-series engine swaps.

Meanwhile, swapping a Toyota 2JZ-GTE into a 1999 Toyota Corolla is, while an awesome sleeper build, far more difficult. Since the 2JZ-GTE is designed for a completely different platform, getting this combination running right would be several magnitudes more complicated.

But we might make both difficulty levels work. Give us a call when you've dreamed up an engine swap, supply us with the details, and we'll walk you through the intricacies.

Why Choose Mad Power Motorsports?

From engine swaps to dyno tuning,1 we're your one-stop source for everything needed to make more power and your ride stand out. We specialize in classic, custom, and race cars. But more importantly, we never compromise on the quality of our work, and our customers know that we get things done right no matter the job. Call us today to start your engine swap and discover our other services, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you engine swap any car?

You can engine swap almost any car, but the work required may be prohibitively intense for some models. Certain engine swaps require straightforward work with off-the-shelf components, while others may require a complete tear-down of the vehicle and fully-custom components. Contact our engine swap experts today with your idea to see how much work it would take.

Is an engine swap safe?

Engine swaps are safe so long as they are performed by experts and with high-quality parts. Like any custom modification, an engine swap can create a dangerous situation when the work is compromised. But when it is done right, an engine swap creates a unique automotive experience that can be very safe. For engine swaps done right, contact Mad Power Motorsports.

How do I know which engines are compatible with my car?

Understanding engine swap compatibility is a rather complex task, but consider which other engines were used in your model of vehicle from the factory. For example, the C6 Corvette came with the LS2, LS3, LS7, and LS9 engines, so swapping either in is relatively straightforward. But with the right custom work and enough time, almost all engine swaps are possible.

1NOTICE: Mad Power Motorsports will NOT tune any vehicle with emission equipment removed or altered. We do NOT sell or provide any custom tunes that disable emission controls.

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