What Is Chassis Dyno Tuning?

Whether you've recently bolted on a new supercharger or are looking to squeeze the most power out of your current setup, our chassis dyno tuning will have your car putting down max power like a champ. Chassis dyno tuning is an in-depth measurement and adjustment of the factors that go into making power, so be it a Super Street showdown or a weekend blast far away from the pavement, you can count on our dyno tuning experts to get your ride ready for the challenge ahead.

Learn more below, and bring your car to Mad Power Motorsports in Chandler, AZ, for a chassis dyno tune.

Chassis Dyno vs. Engine Dyno: Why Chassis Dyno Is the Right Call

Car dyno tuning comes in two forms. A chassis dyno, aka rolling road, measures the power output at your car's wheels (wheel horsepower). An engine dyno is how most manufacturers measure horsepower, but it measures the power output at the engine's flywheel or crankshaft (crank horsepower).

But there's a lot between an engine and the wheels. Getting the drivetrain components moving requires power, so crank horsepower is eaten up on its way to the wheels. In RWD cars, wheel horsepower is about 15% less than crank horsepower.

Chassis dyno tuning is, therefore, the most accurate measurement of how your car performs as a whole.

Chassis Dyno Tuning 101

An internal combustion engine is like a symphony, and dyno car tuning is like a conductor. There are intakes, injectors (or carburetor jets), spark plugs, valves, cams, lifters, air/fuel ratios, timing, and so many more pieces to the puzzle, and they all have to work together in harmony.

As your engine receives new performance parts like a big cam or ages as you enjoy it, the harmony is thrown off. Our chassis dyno tuning service establishes a new harmony to make the best power for the challenge you built your car to conquer.

During each pass on our 2WD DynoCom 7500, we measure the horsepower and torque reaching the wheels under load and monitor factors like air/fuel ratio, turbo boost, exhaust gas temperature, and more. We use this data to adjust the tune, go again, and repeat the process until the perfect dyno tune has been created for your needs. Voila, you're making more power.

Why Choose Mad Power Motorsports Near Gilbert, AZ?

Our high-performance pros are here to help with everything from LS swaps to comprehensive custom-fabricated solutions, and as the finishing touch to any build, we can install a chassis dyno tune that lets your engine sing.

We can help you save on the chassis dyno tuning cost without compromising on quality. Come and see why Mad Power Motorsports is the trusted performance shop of local car enthusiasts. Discover our services today, including:

NOTICE: Mad Power Motorsports will NOT tune any vehicle with emission equipment removed or altered. We do NOT sell or provide any custom tunes that disable emission controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chassis dyno tune?

A chassis dyno tune is a remapping of your engine computer that optimizes your engine's power or fuel efficiency. Chassis dyno tuning takes place on a "rolling road." The car being tuned is strapped down, and several up-to-speed passes are performed to monitor how much power reaches the wheels. The tune is adjusted using data from each pass, and the process repeats until the desired results are achieved.

What is the difference between an engine dyno and a chassis dyno?

There's one primary difference between the two types of dyno service: An engine dyno measures the power output directly from the engine's flywheel or crankshaft, while a chassis dyno measures the power output directly from the wheels. Chassis dyno tuning better simulates real-world performance, as the drivetrain eats a portion of the engine's power – around 15% in RWD cars.

Testing and Tuning on a Dyno pushes your vehicle to its limits and mechanical components to critical levels, which in turn may cause failure of those components.

Vehicles can and do suffer serious catastrophic damage during and/or after operation on a Dyno.

The customer assumes all risks and liabilities associated with testing and tuning your engine to its mechanical limits. Mad Power Motorsports, LLC cannot and will not guarantee that your engine, powertrain and vehicle as a whole will withstand the stresses incurred during testing. Signed Disclaimer and Waiver forms are required at time of service.

Chassis Dyno Tuning | Mad Power Motorsports - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)



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