Performance Services

A wide range of performance services available at our location near Gilbert, AZ, can help your car run better and more efficiently. Do you want to upgrade your car’s suspension or improve engine performance? Our specialists are the experts you need and can perform tune-ups that will leave your car nearly unrecognizable – in the best possible way.

Classic, Custom, and Race Car Maintenance

Professional maintenance is essential for helping your classic, custom, or race car remain in peak condition. From precision exhaust pipe layouts to the wildest turbo setups and engine swaps, our custom performance upgrade fabrication services are ready. Our seasoned technicians are ready and excited to help with performance maintenance services like filter changes, oil changes, and spark plug replacements.

Upgrade Suspensions

More involved work will need more expert hands – and our trusted shop near Gilbert, AZ, has seasoned technicians to help with upgrades that can offer you the spirited drive you're looking for. For example, drivers looking to upgrade suspensions want a blend of smooth, sleek performance and power in their vehicles. We're here to help you get everything you need from a suspension upgrade without fuss or worry.

Improve Engine Performance

We can help you improve your engine performance in various ways. Want faster acceleration or more efficient fuel economy? Leave the work to us. Speak with our technicians about what you want from your vehicle, and we’ll make a plan for your car that meets your vision.

Why Choose Mad Power Motorsports?

Here at Mad Power Motorsports, we value high-quality performance and service over everything else. With our specialists, you can trust that your classic or race car is in good hands, with experts who know how to offer exceptional options.

Stop by our location in Chandler, AZ, for the best performance services on your custom car. We can ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs with classic car service and engine swaps.

Our location in Chandler, AZ, is the perfect place to fine-tune/calibrate engines or perform EFI conversions for optimal fuel injection. Stop in to check out the full lineup of performance services we offer and how you can take advantage of them for a better driving experience.

We know that your car says a lot about you, and we want your car to be able to show off exactly who you are with the utmost pride and respect. Visit our location in Chandler, AZ, to inquire about our services and see why we're the right choice for your car's needs.

Check in or call today for more information on our full lineup of performance services available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a performance tune do to a car?

A performance tune will enhance your vehicle and allow you to experience better specifications. You can expect to see enhanced speed, fuel economy, and driver handling. You may also notice alterations in how quickly your engine ignites and how efficiently it uses air and other equipment in the car. A performance tune is meant to help your car perform as well as possible.

How can I add performance to my car?

A performance tune is typically the best way to add performance to your vehicle, but there are other ways to boost efficiency and capability. Consider bringing your car into our high-performance automotive shop for an engine swap or turbocharger to add additional power to your car. You can also add performance to your vehicle by installing a cold air intake or performance exhaust system.

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