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We are more than just an auto shop. We are car enthusiasts that don’t just work on cars, we live and breathe them.

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You bring your visions and ideas to us, and we’ll help you make them a reality. We’re more than just a shop — we’re a team of craftsmen who love what we do. When you’re working with us, we take the time to get to know your needs, wants, and vision.



We go beyond what the average shop would offer, creating a one-of-a kind experience with customizable options from start to finish. We use our creative talents and skills to build something incredible that is both functional as well as amazing—blending history and legacy with functionality.



What begins with high expectations and a goal, ends with an innovative build. From old-school mechanical engine tuning to the latest brand-new vehicles, we have the tools to provide unparalleled performance, standalone or complimenting your vehicle upgrades.

Mad Power Motorsports is a performance automotive shop in Chandler, AZ, that can help you get the most out of your vehicle. Are you looking for turbo and supercharger installs or an EFI conversion? Our technicians are seasoned experts who can help you get ample power and performance from your classic, custom, or race car.

Let's walk through some of our top-tier options for increased performance so you can decide which one of our services matches your needs. Call or stop by to inquire about setting up an appointment with our performance automotive shop.

Engine Swaps

In addition to classic car service, our team can perform engine swaps that will make your car run faster and smoother. Consider swapping out the engine if you notice your car struggling with these symptoms:

  • Excessive exhaust fumes
  • Power reduction
  • Strange knocking sounds
  • Frequent overheating

Typically, these signs mean your car needs an engine swap to run smoothly and remain functional. However, some drivers may want an engine swap for enhanced performance, even if their current engine works fine. An engine swap can give you more power on the road than your current model.

Turbo and Supercharger Installs

Who doesn't want more power in their race car? Our team of technicians can outfit your classic or custom vehicle with a turbocharger or supercharger. Discuss your turbocharger and supercharger needs with our specialists to see how your vehicle can get outfitted with the perfect unit.

EFI Conversion

Our performance tuning shop can help you with EFI conversions, along with all your other vehicle performance needs. Replacing your car’s carburetor with an electric fuel injection system or EFI conversion can help enhance your fuel efficiency and boost vehicle performance.

Chassis Dyno Tuning

Do you want to know how well your engine is performing and how you can adjust it to add performance to your car? We can help at Mad Power Motorsports. Bring your vehicle in for chassis dyno tuning to see how efficiently power reaches your wheels and how much potential is untapped.

Learning how your car performs can help you and our technicians come up with a performance tuning plan that will give you the best performance and ample power for driving that satisfies the speed demon in you.

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Getting specialized care for your car has never been more accessible. Our technicians at Mad Power Motorsports can help with anything from performance services to engine swaps.

Consider our performance tuning shop near Gilbert, AZ, for all your custom vehicle needs. Our team can answer all your questions as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible to help you make the right choice for you and your beloved vehicle.


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