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Cruising in a classic car is awesome, but with carbureted engines being more stall-prone, less precise, and harder to get going than modern fueling systems, EFI conversions are a clear path to modern reliability and performance. No matter what kind of carbureted vehicle it may be, we can convert it to EFI with precision, quality, and expertise that goes deep.

The team at Mad Power Motorsports in Chandler, AZ, is here to solve all your performance needs. Learn more about EFI conversions below, and contact us to get an estimate.

Carb to EFI: Why Make the Jump?

The old-school carbureted experience is one to be savored, but there are some drawbacks. A carb to fuel injection conversion improves your ride across the following factors.

First, stalls. Early vaporization of fuel (vapor lock) and the resulting engine stall-out is a much more common occurrence in carbureted fuel systems. Carburetors can also struggle and stall the engine at low speeds or idle. EFI conversions can help make vapor lock and sudden stalls a thing of the past.

Second, precision. Carburetors are mechanical devices that must be manually adjusted. EFI conversions automatically adjust the fueling parameters to continuously hit your engine's ideal air/fuel ratio. This dynamic adjustment avoids the typical wasting of fuel and low-speed struggle that carburetors can introduce and allows our engine tuning specialists to add more power.1

Third, convenience. Extremely hot weather near Gilbert, AZ, can make a carbureted engine run too rich, forcing you to change the jets manually. A carbureted engine also requires more work to get started, making you pump the gas (and sometimes close the choke) as it cranks. EFI conversions bring modern ease and reliability to your classic car.

Determining the Right EFI Conversion Kits

Converting carburetor to fuel injection is a common solution, but the details involved are rarely a one-size-fits-all proposition. The EFI kit itself is the first detail. It will typically be a throttle body injection system. However, there are many kinds of them out there.

We count on trusted, high-quality sources for all of our EFI conversions and will help find the right kit for your car when you contact us.

Once we've found a solution like the self-tuning Holley Sniper EFI conversions, we need to wire it up. We'll determine the proper wiring, voltage, grounding, and power source so that you can get the most out of your freshly fuel-injected classic. It's a complicated process, but you can sit back and relax; it'll be handled with our deep expertise and capabilities.

Why Choose Mad Power Motorsports?

Whether performance enthusiasts come to us for engine swaps or to convert carbureted to fuel injected, they know they're getting quality work done right and without compromise. We're proud to be the trusted source for classic, custom, and race car services, and we'd be thrilled to have the honor of converting your classic to EFI. Contact our performance specialists today with your vehicle details to get an estimate, and discover our other specialties, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EFI conversion?

An electronic fuel injection (EFI) conversion is a process that removes a classic car's carburetor and replaces it with a modern EFI system. EFI conversions are often performed when restoring a vintage vehicle or when modifying classics to make more power. Carburetors can be fun, but modern EFI systems can be much more reliable and better suited for precise engine tuning.

How much does EFI conversion cost?

EFI conversions vary in cost with factors like the EFI conversion kit being used. Carbureted vehicles were not designed to use EFI, and supporting work like new wiring will be required to make the new system compatible. This work can vary in intensity. Determining the EFI conversion cost occurs on an individual basis, so contact Mad Power Motorsports for an estimate.

What are the three basic EFI systems?

The three basic EFI systems are as follows: Throttle body injection (fuel injected above the throttle plate). Port, aka semi-direct injection (fuel injected above the intake valve). And direct injection (fuel injected straight into the cylinder). Each injection type has its own strengths and weaknesses in a certain application; most carburetor to EFI conversions will use throttle body injection.

1NOTICE: Mad Power Motorsports will NOT tune any vehicle with emission equipment removed or altered. We do NOT sell or provide any custom tunes that disable emission controls.

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