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There isn't much that our custom fabrication services can't solve. Seeking quarter-mile revenge with a custom twin-turbo kit for your Fox Body Mustang? Whatever the custom work you've been dreaming about entails, the Mad Power Motorsports team gets the job done right. Visit our performance shop in Chandler, AZ, to discover custom work held to a higher standard.

When a solution to your modifying desires seems hard to reach, our automotive custom fabrication services and CNC Plasma Table will lend a helping hand.

Why Choose Mad Power Motorsports?

"Compromise" isn't in our vocabulary, and when you choose us for your custom fabrication needs, you may just forget the last time you had to settle. Whether you need custom car repair services or an engine swap, give the Mad Power Motorsports team a call to learn about our solutions. Visit our trusted performance shop today and discover our classic, custom, and race car services, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom car fabrication?

Custom car fabrication is the process of building components from scratch based on what a vehicle owner wants and the performance they're looking to upgrade to. Examples of custom fabrication include motor mounts for engine swaps, turbo kit brackets, and cat-back exhaust systems that transform your car into your custom creation.

What is plasma cutting in custom car builds?

Plasma cutting in custom car builds allows fabricators to make faster and cleaner cuts when shaping sheet metal for body panels and steel frames. Plasma cutting gives metal workers the ability to create precision cuts while being able to work quickly, so custom car builds are achieved on time. Plasma cutters also create a small heat radius to reduce material warpage and paint damage to nearby parts.

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The reason why our customers keep coming back time and time again: they know they can trust us to get things done right. We deliver the level of customer service that they deserve. Never compromising on quality or quantity of work done. We offer a wide range of services, holding ourselves to an exceptional standard and managing quality throughout the entire process.


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